RiverEdge Website (beta)

A new entertainment venue in Aurora, Illinois, RiverEdge Park is “your backyard away from home.”

Easily one of the more complex sites I’ve worked on, the initial designs (Slide 3) were based on the logo alone. As branding work progressed, the tone shifted to a textured, grungy feel (inspired by the work of designer Bridgette Rater, who also created the logo). This presented some interesting challenges for website programming, but the developers of Marshall were up to the task of implementing my adaptation of Bridgette’s brand work. The result is a richly layered site with a rock-and-roll vibe that’s still playful and inviting.

Visit the beta site here, but check back as we continue to roll out new features!

This website was produced while working as a contractor for Marshall Creative

Hot Coffee Coaching Website

To update an existing website (slide 3) for noted certified personal coach Julie Colbrese, this website keeps similar elements of the original while adding greater depth. A pair of cups assumes the perspective of a client sitting down with Julie for a coffee meeting, while the blog is enclosed in overlapping conversation bubbles. This also has the distinction of being my first responsive website design, programmed by the wizards at Marshall Creative. Go ahead, try it out!

This website was produced while working as a contractor for Marshall Creative

Torrey & Gray Website

A top-tier career placement agency, Torrey & Gray came to us in need of a site that reflected their solid reputation and professional talent pool. With understated tones, clean lines and splashes of color, the site updated not only their online brand image, but also their ability to update the site’s content via WordPress. This aided them not only in posting their new jobs and candidates, but gave them access to new tools in blogging to help them establish their site as a center of thought leadership for their clientele.


Credits: This site was designed while working at BatesMeron Sweet Design.

Balani Custom Clothiers Website

Refined but approachable, Balani Custom Clothiers has been a presence in Chicago’s bespoke industry for a long time. To update this venerable brand’s online environment, inspiration was taken from the elements of the industry itself. Stitching and fabric are interwoven with custom photography that was directed in part by myself. Driven by WordPress CMS, the site is as customized as the clothing itself.


This site was created while working at TripleSpoke and was programmed by Mark Wallace and supervised by Phil Black. Photography by John C. Reilly Photography of Chicago.

BatesMeron Sweet Design Website (2009-12)

One of the best assets BatesMeron had when redoing its website in 2009 was a panoply of great big gorgeous photography. Inspired by a sentiment I once heard about songwriting—”Get right to the chorus; it’s what everyone came for anyway”—this site glorified the work first and foremost. It cheekily acknowledged why the user arrived—for the sweet design inside. Six hi-res background images could randomly load, while the menu discreetly anchored at the lower left. The interior pages contrasted by being spartan in their use of space.

This project was completed while working as a freelance designer at BatesMeron Sweet Design.