A lifelong love for all things visual.

Mama said I came out holding a pencil.


Yes, my interest in the visual arts began at a very young age. An innate aptitude with the pencil meant that my childhood toys were usually just a pack of crayons and a paper. For a time I thought I’d become a fine artist, and it seemed only natural. That all changed when the first computers entered my early teen years. I grew to love creating interactive presentations and formatting my homework like an editorial spread. Integrating my own art, I was rather accidentally becoming a proto-designer.

About that same time I became engaged in a recently formed group called The Future Problem Solvers. Its aim was to teach young minds critical thinking, communication and processing skills to tackle the problems of the future. Our little four-person cadre would go on to win many awards over the ensuing years, but I still had not yet seen how the big picture was coming together to change my life.

During a high school career fair, a name was given to the profession I’d been practicing: Graphic Artist. In the demonstrator’s portfolio I saw how I could combine my love of the principles of art and critical thinking. To see how a problem could be solved visually to communicate something beyond words alone was a revelation. I began taking small jobs designing for clubs, the yearbook and local newspaper to foster this burgeoning love.

Eventually I went on to attend Iowa State University, where I successfully entered the graphic design curriculum. There I learned the principles, theories, and role of designers. At work, I gained practical experience in how to apply my education and took on the role of communicator between my clients and their audiences.

In 2004 I moved to Chicago to pursue my dream of working for a firm here in a city with a history of hosting great designers. Though the big city has changed me greatly, that little boy with a pencil in his hand is still inside just waiting to play.